Dear Donna,

Over the past several years, my two children, Lindsay and Daniel  have been very fortunate to receive two week camp sponsorships from different organizations to enjoy their fabulous camping adventures at Country Ark Farms.  Lindsay and Daniel’s primary diagnoses are Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Every year the children are greeted by your warm and friendly family and staff.  Their patience, love and dedication to all of the children are amazing!

The two weeks that the children attend the camp is always an exciting new learning experience, filled with so much to do.  There is such a variety of fun events that are planned daily.  Creativity is always encouraged with the large selection of fun arts and crafts that are offered.  There are many daily opportunities for socialization among the children, with all of the different water activities available, the interactive games, the playground, etc. 

The children really enjoy the discoveries they make and exploring all of the grounds.  They especially enjoyed the petting, the feeding and learning about all of the many different animals living on the farm.

Every year The Country Ark Farm and the Ciancitto family does an outstanding job in providing a fun, safe, friendly, and educational experience for the children. The two weeks that Lindsay and Daniel spend at the camp is a great way for them to relax, and enjoy the outdoors away from all of the pressures of school and their daily routines.

Lindsay and Daniel are already excited about attending camp this summer!  We look forward to seeing you all.  We are confident that camp will provide them many wonderful experiences and memories.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best regards,

Nadine and Chris DeMarinis

I thought I’d include a picture or two of my daughter at Country Ark Farm with this letter.  As I began looking through my pictures, I became more and more aware that my daughter has grown up with Country Ark Farm (CAF) and it’s amazing staff. She has been attending camp since she was a tiny little girl and is still looking forward to attending again this summer, at the age of 22.

Country Ark Farm has been an indispensable part of Jessica’s program through the years.  It is so much more than exposure to animals. Through the activities at the farm, Jessica has not only learned about and grown comfortable with animals, but she has developed self­confidence, responsibility , work skills, social skills, and we have seen an improvement in her sensory and language skills. I can’t measure how much CAF has helped her to overcome the many challenges that have faced her throughout life. In addition to all the growth and learning, she has found a place she can go where she knows she is always accepted and understood and that is no small thing.

United Way could not make a better investment that will benefit more members of Pike County’s disabled population.I hope that you can find it within your hearts to assist  Country Ark Farm in continuing to provide this much needed program for the special needs population of Pike County. CAF is unique in serving both the special needs adult population and the special needs children of Pike County.

Most sincerely, 


Gladys S. Stefany


January 26, 2016

Upon receiving my son Sammy’s Autism diagnosis last year one of my first thoughts was to send him to Country Ark Farm. Having seen firsthand, in previous years, the wonderful program and the amazing people of this facility, I knew it would be an amazing and rewarding experience for my son. I was not proven wrong.

After only a few days there I saw a growth in his speech, sensory and social issues. He was made to feel loved and accepted for the amazing little man he is. I can’t express the joy I felt when my son, who has an expressive language disorder, looked up at me as we’releaving camp on his second day and says “I love animal camp, I had fun!”. It was the first time he had expressed a thought that clearly and with intended purpose. It was very first time he had told me about his day. It was a precious gift and a moment I will never forget.

We are only at the beginning of my son’s Autism journey, but I know that with an organization like Country Ark Farm, his life will be enriched and made more beautiful. I couldn’t imagine his support program without it! Please, if you can find it within you to help support this unique and needed program it would be greatly appreciated by the individuals and family members of the people it exceptionally serves. 



Ruth Ogden